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Best to Avoid Cold Medicine for Children

Cold season has arrived! We are all familiar with the discomforts of a cold, from runny noses to coughs that disturb our sleep. Although we may reach for an over-the-counter medicine in an effort to feel better, a recent article from the New York Times discusses studies […]

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Behind the Science: Why Does Cold Weather Cause Runny Noses?

Have you ever wondered why your nose runs when it’s cold outside, even though you may not be sick? It turns out that mucus from your nose actually plays an important role in protecting sensitive lung tissue, by warming up the air you inhale so that it […]

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Winter Safety Tips: Keeping your Child Dry, Warm, and Safe in Cold Weather

As the temperatures drop, children need extra clothing to stay warm and healthy. Here are some tips to make sure your child stays safe while playing outside during the winter months! Dress your child in layers: Children should dress in layers to stay warm, and they should […]

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