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Using an Asthma Inhaler for Full Benefits

Whether your child uses a preventative or just a quick relief inhaler, it’s clear that inhalers can be a very helpful tool to prevent or treat breathing problems, like asthma attacks. However, it is important that an inhaler is used correctly or your child may not receive […]

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Benefits of Breakfast

Happy 2019! As we contemplate how we’d like to start our year, it may be good to begin with how we start our day! While mornings may be hectic, it is helpful to remember the health benefits of breakfast.  A statement from The American Heart Association highlights […]

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Helping your child fall asleep, and stay asleep

Sleep is important for adults and children. Not getting enough sleep at night can lead to inappropriate weight gain, and behavioral problems in childcare or school. Here are some tips to help your child get the sleep they need: Start a night time routine by putting aside […]

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