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Water Safety

Although school is now back in session, the weather is still warm and many families may still be planning trips to the pool, beach, or lake. Here are some tips to keep children safe while having fun. 1) Make sure the pool has 4-sided pool fencing The […]

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Newsletter Summer 2017

Here is our WIND Study Summer Newsletter (you can read it in Spanish too)! In this issue, check out the latest updates on the study, try some fun arts and crafts, learn more in depth about sunburn and sunburn prevention, and get to know Brittany Van Nelson, […]

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Handling Tick Bites

Summer is a great time for children to enjoy the outdoors. However, it is also the favorite season of many insects, including ticks. Here is a short description of things to keep in mind about ticks. What do ticks look like? Ticks are very small, ranging from […]

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