The initial hospitalization

We will test the mucus for viruses associated with bronchiolitis and the blood for vitamin D. We can send these results to you and your health care provider as soon as they are available. (Please note: it may be up to a year after enrollment before test results become available due to our research
testing schedule.)

Short-term follow-up

We will call you 1 week and 3 weeks after you leave the hospital. We will ask you about any breathing problems your child might have had since we last spoke. Also, at 3 weeks, we will ask you to collect a nasal swab. This will show us if your child is still carrying the virus associated with the hospitalization or if your child has “cleared” the virus.

Long-term follow-up

We will call you every 6 months for several years. You will receive $20 for the first call, $30 for each call after that, and $50 at the end of the study. We will ask you to collect a nasal swab when your child sees a health care provider for a breathing problem until your child turns 3.

STEP 4 (Optional)
In-Person Visit

During your child’s 3 ½ year follow-up interview, we will discuss the option of participating in an in-person visit. This visit will occur at the hospital that your child was enrolled at or at a designated doctor’s office closer to your home. During the visit, a clinician will listen to your child’s lungs, look at your child’s skin for eczema, look in your child’s nose, do a nasal swab, and do a blood draw. The appointment should take about an hour and we will pay you $100 for your time. If your child is already over 3 ½ and we haven’t called you to set up this visit, we will do so as soon as the in-person visits are available in  your area. If you have questions about this visit feel free to contact us!