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Newsletter Autumn 2017

Here is our WIND Study Autumn Newsletter (you can read it in Spanish too)! In this issue, check out some fun fall activities, catch up on the latest updates on the study, and get to know one of the newest members of the WIND Study Team, Cassie Crifase!

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Study Update

During your child’s initial hospitalization (the one during which he or she was enrolled in the study) we collected mucus in order to test it for viruses. We will compare the virus(es) your child had in the hospital with other respiratory viruses that your child may have […]

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In the Literature: Different environments, different viruses

In a recent article published online by The Journal of Infectious Diseases, researchers were interested in knowing whether inner-city children and suburban children had different viruses causing their respiratory infections. Interestingly enough, the researchers were not able to detect as many viruses responsible for the respiratory illnesses […]

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