Heat Rash

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, heat rash, a skin condition that is most common in young children when the weather is hot and humid, will become more common.

What is heat rash?

  • Tiny red or pink spots, usually in body areas that tend to be moist, like those covered by clothing or in skin folds
  • Sweat glands that become blocked and therefore swell, leading to discomfort and itching

What can you do to prevent and treat heat rash?

  • Dress your child in as few clothes as possible when the weather is hot and humid. The clothes your child wears should keep the skin cool and dry.
  • In the event of heat rash, remove or loosen clothing and move your child to a cool, shady spot. Then use cool water to remove body oil and sweat. Let the skin air-dry; do not use towels.
  • Avoid ointments or other lotions as they may irritate the skin.

To learn more about heat rash, visit WebMD. Happy summer!