Exciting New Technology for Asthma and Allergy

We’d like to give our WIND Study community an update about some exciting new technologies related to asthma, allergies, and breathing problems. Take a look at some of the links below!

  • Viaskin® Peanut – This product delivers peanut allergens through a skin patch to activate the immune system without allowing the allergen to enter the blood stream. The product would be used to treat peanut allergy and is currently under development. Read more here.
  • Bloom Inhaler – A credit-card sized inhaler that can fit in a wallet is being developed by James Cazzoli of Bloom Labs. The inhaler is designed to hold 6 doses of medication and can be filled with prescription inhaler canisters. The company is currently seeking FDA approval for this product. Look on Bloom’s Website to learn more.
  • BioAsthma – This stick-on device, developed by AEvice in Singapore, alerts a parent via smartphone if their child is about to develop an asthma attack. This small circular device is worn on the child’s chest and monitors vital signs and breathing patterns. The device is currently under development. Read more here.